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Re: Shadow & Highlight Recovery C1 Pro 5 vs. LR 4.1

Robin Casady wrote:

BobYIL wrote:

Robin Casady wrote:

BobYIL wrote:

For Robin Cassady:

I think it's possible Robin..

What, specifically, is possible?

I have simply tried with your jpeg on the lowly Irfanview.. Just give it a try again, there is not much recovery issue with your sample compared to the sample I submitted. (You seem to be more experienced than I, you can get beautiful results with your D800E developed in C1.)

One of my criteria was preserving the clouds as much as possible. You can pull more shadow detail if you sacrifice the clouds.

You were inquiring somewhere above:"What should I do differently in C1 to better recover more shadows and highlights?" Ever considered to try with the exposure slider first and then playing with the curve? These two developers have widely differing parameter controls; it's not an issue to recover your shadows as they need only about half a stop push; whereas my sample demonstrated almost 3 stop push.

These are widely regarded and used programs, especially the C1 by a lot of top professionals. I think all you need is a little more practice with this new one for you.

Yes, I did try the exposure slider on both apps. As I said, the difficulty is in preserving both highlights (clouds) and shadows. Lightroom 4.1 seemed to do a much better job.

I've tried all the possibilities I can think of.

Lightroom 4.1 has separate sliders for black point and shadows, as well as for white point and highlights. C1 just seems to have back point and white point sliders for recovering shadows and highlights. The Lightroom 4.1 approach seems to recover without doing as much damage to the middle.

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So Robin, do you think that the thousands of pros that use C1 with their MFDBs and publish the results making their living are wrong? Do you propose that they should change to LR? ...or perhaps is it you that is doing something wrong when using it? You seem not to pay attention on all my directions from the beginning of this and at the same time you seem not to observe the obvious... Please read again my reply to you on DR extension... you seem not to have understand a word... your "test" for HL and LL recovery is worthless, it ends up with a result that has nothing to do with photography. C1 is doing photography... it's not a toy to be used as "playstation"...


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