Canon Eos 7D or Sony A77

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re: pros & cons

jpr2 wrote:
don't you think that by your own statement this alone disqualifies you
from giving advice on fast action shooting? esp. (again by your own
words) as you didn't go the 7d route??

I don't think you'll be disappointed with either and certainly don't be put off the A77 by some of the comments on here about the EVF from people who, if they have seen it at all, have given it a cursary glance.

cursory glance?? not exactly true - during three years of use I've shot
over 90 thousand RAWs with 7d; and since early 2012 another 10
thousand RAWs using the so called superior OLED EVF from Sony, so
I'm quite well familiar with all its limitations :P,

street candids (non-interactive):
music and dance:
wildlife & macro:
interactive street:

Comments and critique are always welcome!

Re: the first point - that is exactly why I raised it as the fact and its disclosure are relevant and important given the context of the OP's question. However I stand by the fact that people remain silent on the fact that on a mirrored camera it (the mirror) keeps flipping out of the way thus interrupting vision so you don't have a full real time track of what's going on either.

Re: the second point - I am not doubting your credentials at all but there will be plenty of respondees (is that a word?!) who have commented but haven't used.


Danny B
Shoot lots...

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