Your left af repair result.

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Re: Not only several threads started but several bumps?

Marcin 3M wrote:

If Your camera is fine, this thread is not for You.

If Nikon will post statement, it will be obsolete. Also, when there will be 80% success stories.
So far it is not the case.

The funny thing is that 98% who have a perfectly working camera, won't tell you here that they are in business right now.

Only the people that have their camera in for service or whatever, have the time to complain about it on the internet.
And yes, that's what people do best... complain.

I live in Holland, people complain about the weather all the time. Why aren't they going to the sun? Emigrate? Get to a solarium? No, rather complain than do something about it.
People who are sick and/or think they are sick, will remain sick for a week.

But other people are sick and ignore it or actively do something about it. They are better within 3 days.

This post will prove nothing at all...

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