Why Were the DP1/2 not more Popular?

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Re: My theory is….

ulfie wrote:

The OP wrote "EPL1-- a great camera in its own right but with IQ clearly inferior in good light-" Now there is a truly debatable and subjective opinion if I ever read one!

In this camera size/sensor segment I own the E-PL1, E-P2, NEX-3, GF-2, DP2 and have owned the DP1. At base ISO with lens hood in place my DP2 has much better IQ than any of the others followed by the DP1. Above ISO 200 I find the other cameras clearly better than the Sigmas.

This can easily be sample variation, but based on first hand experience with both m4/3 (with various lenses including Voigtländer 25mm f:0.95), Nex (shot with Contax G lenses) and DP-cameras I concur with the OP.

Maybe both the OP and I were lucky with the Sigmas and unlucky with other cameras.

Or maybe it is just the function of a big sensor with special properties (Foveon) and lenses (in both the DP1 and DP2) being far better than people may think.

All this is based on raw files. For the DP2 converted in LR, for DP1 in SPP.


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