How does the Nikon 1 V1 compare to the new Sony RX100?

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Re: How does the Nikon 1 V1 compare to the new Sony RX100?

REShultz wrote:

Balchinian, I just realized you are the same poster I was chatting with in the Sigma forum.

What do you think of a J1 as a "low light" camera to compliment the DP2? You know what I mean by low light, not looking for anything higher than ISO 1600, and for focal ranges other than 41mm as a backup. Oh, and a simple menu system where I can just throw the camera into aperture priority and shoot.

This is mainly for travel photography. I think it's a good and affordable combination. And the J1 can produce some pics with some nice color depth, similar to the DP2.

The low light performance of the J1 isn't great, but it's totally useable. You can use image comparison tools from DPR and Imaging Resource to see how it handles higher ISO. Basically, my opinion of it is that it knocks the socks off of any compact camera, including the Canon S100

It looks like DPR doesn't have the Sony RX100 yet, but Imaging Resource does. IR is always the fastest and most comprehensive for camera comparison tests:

Just looking at the comparison, it looks to me that the Sony has a bit better performance at ISO 1600, but not hugely better. If you factor in the price, the J1 wins in my opinion. If you factor in size and ignore price, then maybe the image quality of the RX100 is more important. I won't buy a Sony either way, for the reasons I've already mentioned.

I think you would be happy with a J1 if you can get it used for a good price. The menus are very easy to navigate quickly, and the camera just works! If you decide it's not for you, you can sell it again for about what you paid for it. No problem, no worries. Just enjoyment, and plenty of money still in your pocket.

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