TG-1 is a sales failure

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Re: 3 things dissuade me from buying TG-1

BorisK1 wrote:

2. Lack of exposure control (no PASM, no bracketing, no highlight priority).

AFAIK, that's the case with all tough cams. And there are reasons for it. These cameras would be tough to control manually...

I would be happy with a simple DR Optimization (as on Canon P&S models) or Smart Range (as on Samsung cameras). Olympus WP images from my friends often have objectionably washed-out highlights. The problem seems worse than images from Nikon or Panasonic.

From my experience so far, the TG-1 is actually pretty good about picking a decent exposure.

Good to hear. Maybe EV -.3 would work for me. But I'll probably spend my camera $$s on a Nokia 808 cellphone instead.

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