D4 Reikan Focal Results - Apature aperture test. Can anyone compare

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Leonard Shepherd
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Re: Yes but

boels069 wrote:

They are reliable and repeatable, even when shot outside the ballpark of Nikon, Canon, etc.

So is the amount of extra fuel used if you run your central heating in the middle of winter with all the windows and doors open.

That raises the question whether a brand's specs are up to real-life situations.

I have used Nikon AF for 13 years and found when I get poor focus the target was one of the 6 types Nikon mention or, or the subject was moving too fast for AF to keep pace.

As light level, maximum lens aperture, image magnification, subject contrast, focal length and subject type influence how well (or not) AF works it is not possible to say precisely which targets will produce poor results when.

One thing I have found testing my D800 where my D3s AF is not good is the D800 AF is much better

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