Apple 27inch display - Good enough?

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Re: Apple 27inch display - Good enough?

Hi fotoloco,

As you posted this on dpreview, I suppose your question is primarily about using it for photography. Then my answer would be not to buy an Apple screen. It is not possible to calibrate it to a decent state (the most important requirement IMHO of a screen), the brightness is not uniform from corner to corner, it offers only the sRGB colour space, and is pretty expensive compared to what it offers relatively to the competition.

I have a 2012 27 inch iMac, love it, but for photo editing I had a re-branded 24 inch NEC (a Lacie 526). And the difference having the iMac and Lacie side by side is one between night and day!

At the time of buying the Lacie screen I did not know that Lacie does not make any product themselves, but re-brand everything they sell (screens, hard drives etc).

Recently the screen gave some troubles, and although it was still within the warranty period, Lacie refused to do anything about it. Luckily my dealer stepped in and tomorrow I will pickup an Eizo Color Graphic screen. Cannot wait to get it

If you are seriously about photography and editing, and can afford it, I would recommand a Nec or Eizo with an IPS panel inside. Eizo is top of the bill, and at least here in the Netherlands they came down in price considerably very recently - so now it is much more affordable. Especially the CG243W, but that is a 24 inch screen.

Good luck with your decision


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