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Re: xs1 image quality

I recently purchased the Fujifilm X-S1 and so far I love it. I have used and loved bridge cameras from Sony and Panasonic before, but the Fujifilm X-S1 to me is just better than any of my previous bridge cameras that I have owned.

I have to thank Fujifilm for having the courage to release what must be a niche product, as judging by the forums on this site, the people who appreciate a high quality bridge camera and are willing to pay that much extra for it seem to be a small crowd...I am one of those few and I am thankful that Fujifilm released a camera such as this to what must be a limited market for them. My biggest fear is that in a sea of popular tiny advanced compacts with no viewfinders, Mirrorless Cameras, cheap super zooms, and cheap DSLRs with 18-55 kit lenses there will be little incentive for Fujifilm to release a newer version of this camera...I really hope they do...as the X-S1 is so good, that if there was a next model that was better it would simply be amazing.

What I love about the Fujifilm X-S1:

1. The colours from the photos...This is my first Fujifilm camera, so perhaps this is normal for Fujifilm cameras...but the colours are just so vibrant and fun...perhaps not realistic, but they have an interesting punch to them, which is fun

2. The viewfinder...just awesome...much better than my older bridge cameras...

3. The manual zoom...Long ago I shot film on an SLR...then I went digital and did not have a camera with a manual zoom up until I bought the X-S1....This will sound strange, but it just feels more like photography to me to use a manual zoom as opposed to an electronic zoom, I just like twisting the lens to get the right field of view...It just feels natural

4. The Zoom range...I am again thankful to Fujifilm for giving the lens on this Camera a 24mm wide angle....which I love....Of course being able to zoom in to 624mm is just fun...Sure people say quality suffers at the extremes...so what...it is just fun to have all this flexibility to compose a picture with a lens that goes from 24mm - 624mm

5. The EXR sensor...sure it has it's critics...but again it is fun to have the option to play with the interesting features of this sensor...

6. The large amount of physical buttons to control the camera...wish their were more buttons....I love having buttons to access settings...

7. The quality look and feel of the camera...I just love the look of this camera, it has a beefy quality look to it...the lens has a metal ring around it...and the lens hood is metal...Again I thank Fujifilm for this...they could have gone with using more plastic and shaved a few dollars of the retail cost and maybe increased sales...but they went with higher quality materials...I have never owned high end dslrs...so perhaps I do not know what quality is....but I am happy with the look and feel of the X-S1



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