Canon Eos 7D or Sony A77

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Some very interesting comparisons here that really highlight the weaknesses of the Sony EVF.

Thanks for posting, Schmegg!

schmegg wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

  • OVF vs. EVF : supposedly the best OLED VF industry has to offer from Sony has still lots and lots to cover before getting even close to (not an industry best) OVF of 7d, esp. in a really low light ;

That's a biggie in my book too.

Here's a few shots from a German forum showing the difference between an EVF (the a77) and an OVF (the older A580). Unfortunately, direct linking doesn't seem to work, so you'll need to open the URL in another tab or such ...

First, the scene that was photographed ...

Second is a shot of the A77's viewfinder through the eyepiece with a Fuji F30 ...

And another shot of the A77's viewfinder through the eyepiece ...

And finally, how the scene looks through the optical viewfinder of the A580 ...

I think you'd have to be relying on brail to not find that difference significant. The a77 is all blown whites and crushed blacks compared to the OVF. It just looks so much worse - even though it's about as good as EVF's get at the moment. Couple that with the burst rate slideshow and it really is a bit compromised unfortunately - just a limitation of the SLT technology at the moment.

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