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Drobo? Never again! - Be Warned!!!

As a former Drobo S user I would like to warn you before buying one.

You might want to rethink buying a Drobo as it might become a brick without any warning. I've had this with two Drobo's.

One day you'll start your computer and your drobo will go into a power up and restart mode without any chance of getting this issue fixed. Your Drobo will then need to be replaced. Within warranty time this is no real issue except for the fact that the time you don't have your new drobo you won't be able to access your data.

Once out of warranty Drobo wants your money to get your brick saved...

My story is very likewise to that of Scott Kelby.
Read his story too and your hunger for a drobo will be over I'll guess.

Scotts story:

Drobo's Response:

I am now using a Synology DS 1511+ (1512 is already available too) and am very happy with that device. Synology has great support too and is much more versatile too.
Forget Drobo and take a look at a descent NAS with normal raid support.

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