Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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Re: Let film die off? Film Lives!

They are still teaching Photography in the Colleges and in High School. They are using Film, and Processing it B&W right in the class. Their homework consists of shooting certain themes, and always in B&W Film.

Colour Film & slides comes in a later semester.

Fujifilm has just cut production on two previously in demand speeds. There are still 60 & 30 Minute Labs all over New York. Most film is readily available in every corner store, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and the list goes on. They take in Digital work too, they even have Kiosks for printing your own Digital film along with their Film & Print processors. They take in plenty of film work every day!

How come ever time I say SLR, I get corrected, it's DSLR?

I still shoot both, Full frame Digital, but in Medium format, I could have leased a Digital Camera & all that goes with it, but 1)Some people ask for film and 2)The others don't know the difference. But yet MAMIYA won't even service my 4 Bodies & finders, 8 backs & 12 Lenses. They want no part of film! A Hassy set up is close to 70k, Mamiya 645 is over 50k

If you talk Large Format, we are years away. I know a guy who shoots Large in film, then scans it into Digital.

I originally asked this because I would like to get Digital Medium Format, but Mamiya has cut all ties, and merged with their former competition. All I could use is my manual focus lenses (that are of excellent quality).

I can understand if people don't want to shoot film, but where is all this hatred coming from. Most of those comments say, they can't wait for film to disappear.
Where would we be without Film? Do you even know where film came from?

I remember someone picking up 35MM Film off the cutting room floor while shooting movies. What a waste, they said, there's got to be some use for this.

I guess I DISAGREE with most of you. I'm going to keep shooting Digital and Film, at least until Medium Format prices come down to earth. It may never come to Large Format View Cameras, but the companies that make them are doing fine.

Let me ask you this: Someone hands you a Classic Rangefinder, a Leica, Canon or Nikon, or other film camera from the 50's. Tell me you have no urge to shoot with it, I know I would

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