Ebay user screws me!

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Re: A few misconceptions here, you aren't screwed yet

I can only agree with what others have put - try and resolve quickly and amicably with the buyer and if that means offering a full refund on receipt of the lens then so be it.

I sold my Canon 50D and got a reasonably curt message from the buyer saying it had a sticky shutter and what that I was either an inexperienced photographer who didn't know the camera was faulty or I had tried to rip them off and what was I going to do about it.

I responded quickly and assured the buyer that a) the camera certainly wasn't like that when I sent it and b) apologised and offered a full refund if they returned it too me. This defused the situation very quickly - the buyer apologised for coming on so strong to begin with but genuinely felt they may have been ripped off a not inconsiderable sum of money.

In the end I got the camera back, refunded the buyer. It turned out that somehow en route the camera had started to suffer from the sticky shutter syndrome that seems quite common so I cleaned the mechanism, relisted it fully disclosing the issue and sold the camera again within a day for only about £45 less than the original deal.

I kept my 100% rating and had 2 happy buyers.


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