Canon's new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon

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Re: So true Re: This forum isn't interested in facts

When you cross post as much as you do you need to develop a thicker skin ;).

I responded specifically to your comment I wonder why this obssession with the D800 here and nothing else. IMO that was quite naive coming from someone like yourself who posts with a fair degree of frequency in this forum. Frankly, you've been living under a rock or are just plain dense if you don't know the answer to your question (I assume you posed it as a question without proper punctuation) and I simply offered my opinion.

BTW wasn't it you that started a thread with the panoramic shot from the photographers area at the London Olympics? For some reason I can't find the thread so it must have been purged but I know I responded to it. If my memory is incorrect then I apologize but if I am recalling correctly then you're part of the problem too which was the gist of my original reply to you. It was a 360 degree panorama from the photog's area with the intent to show on that day that there were as many or more Nikon shooters compared to Canon. Gee, what possibly could be the purpose of posting that in the Canon 1D forum (rolleyes)?

If you didn't get it the first time I'll try to make myself more clear. The D800 has been rammed down people's throats on this forum by both Canon and Nikon shooters. The D800 is a nice camera with a great sensor but like any camera it's not perfect although some would like to think so. When you have that much hyperbole about a competing product posted in this forum you have to expect some pushback.

It's really not all that complicated and I wouldn't be surprised if you're not just yanking my chain with your bewilderment.


rhlpetrus wrote:

I posted this comment here, saying good things about the latest Canons and complaining about inflammatory, hyperbolic and extravagant posts:

Then I got this as response:

Go figure!

BTW: my interest in this case is regarding the possibility that Canon may have developed a truly outstanding PDAF that matches CDAF accuracy. That would be awesome. But some here think that is just food for brand wars, claims of superiority, etc. If Canon did it, Nikon will need to respond, that's good for everybody.

Great British Landscapes wrote:

This forum is only interested in vast amounts of hyperbole and making pathetic fanboy statements up from wherever they can. A link like yours will therefore have no interest whatsoever

Devendra wrote:

its funny how the internet is stuck on static left AF issues..

not sure who is smokin what.

iShootWideOpen wrote:

Read (link below) what the ultimate Nikon homer has to say.

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