Fuji X10 & "Auto" modes

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Re: Fuji X10 & "Auto" modes

mjallemand wrote:

I'm taking a trip to Walt Disney World in late October with the family and I plan on taking a ton of pictures, but I don't want to be spending 5-10 minutes fiddling with the camera every time to get settings right.

Don't waste your time, use the EXR-Auto mode and you will have nothing to worry about.

The only real question is: do you absolutely want 12 MP pictures, or are you OK with 6 MP ?
(6 MP is more than enough IMO).
If you are OK with 6 MP, trust the EXR Auto mode, it make miracles.

If you need 12 MP, you will scratch your head for a while before you find the best settings...
Just my 2 cents

PS: beware of the exposure compensation dial on the right... There is a high risk of accidental movement IMO.

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