5D III vs 1DsIII focus speed/ accuracy & noise characteristics ?

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Re: 5D III vs 1DsIII focus speed/ accuracy & noise characteristics ?

zzapamiga wrote:

I have owned a 1DsIII and a 5D2. I have had a go of the 5D3 a few times in the store.

Firstly the 1DsIII shows no banding in the shadows unlike both the 5D2 and 5D3. Noise characteristics and amount are fairly similar between the cameras. The 1DsIII only has a maximum ISO of 3200.

Advantages of the 1DsIII

  • No banding

  • Better build quality (Although the 5D3 is very good and much improved over the 5D2)

  • Larger viewfinder

  • Better balance with heavy lenses especially the 70-200 f2.8

  • Much longer battery life

  • Interchangeable viewfinder screens

  • Now much cheaper second hand than the 5D3

Advantages of the 5D3

  • Higher ISO

  • Movie mode (Although the Panasonic GH2 has a much better movie mode)

  • Much better LCD

  • Lighter (If you are not using heavy lenses)

  • Better autofocus

  • Much better live view

  • Contrast detect autofocus in addition to phase detect

Go to http://www.imaging-resource.com/ and compare the images

I've owned both and tested them side-by-side in very controlled tests and I agree with all of this.

The only thing I will add is that I did have an issue with the buffer on the 1ds3. If you want to shoot RAW, 12 shots is the best you can do. If you turn on ANY features (noise reduction, long shutter noise reduction, highlight tone priority, I think even safety shift affects it), the buffer immediately drops down to 2-4 shots, depending on features.

But I can confirm that as great as the 5d3 AF is, the 1ds3 AF is still super, and definitely handled anything I threw at it, no matter how extreme. And while the 5d3 has better shadow performance than my 5d2, the 1ds3 is still the king when it comes to low-iso image quality. It isn't a black/white difference, but the 1ds3 is still king. I also prefer the colors from the 1ds3 much more than the 5s2, and slightly more than the 5d3

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