Your input needed on designing a RX100 mechanical shutter remote

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Re: Saw those but would block zoom lever/rear dial and reviews are awful

You could just set the zoom function on the front ring to zoom the lens.

Here is another remote option:

millsart wrote:

I've come across those before on Amazon etc, but the reviews have been really bad with people saying they just don't really work

On the RX100 as well, you'd be blocking the zoom control lever, part of the LCD and the rear control dial as well so you'd have to always get the camera totally ready to shoot a given composition and then wrap that strap around it and hope you could even get it tight enough to hold the shutter down for a long exposure.

I'd really like to build something that allows full control while working from a tripod

Thanks for the suggestion though

H2F wrote:

Google Kaiser 6154

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