Fire in the mud hole OMD, Oly 9-18

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Re: Fire in the mud hole OMD, Oly 9-18

Acrill wrote:

929406 wrote:

Lovely landscapes. Any tips to share using the live view curves?


it would be really nice to hear an explanation of your technique.

Thanks guys :),

No great secret here. These were from my first outing with this camera. Kind of stumbled onto the Fn2 button when I was trying to figure this thing out. Brought the live curves up in the viewfinder out in the field, and found that the darn thing actually worked Kept the highlights at -3 and the shadows at +2 through out the day, and found it very useful for tone control when used with the ex comp. Shot the first one handheld at f5.6 and the second handheld at f6.3. You really don't need to stop down anymore for the 9-18. It hits the sweet spot for that lens.

Loved the camera. Think all the hype is well deserved. My first Olympus after three Panasonics, and it's quite the step up from my G2 in all aspects. Hats off to Olympus for this one.


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