Would the rumored 6D outspec a 5D II?

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Re: It would have to.

JackM wrote:

Look at the Rebel T4i, it would have to be at least as well spec'd as that. 9-point AF all cross-type, 5fps, that right there outclasses the 5D2. I don't see how they could offer anything less, other than just doing nothing and continuing to sell the 5D2 at a discount.

Seems logical, but I think I disagree to some extent.

For a while now, the XXD bodies have actually out-spec'd the 5D bodies in many ways. Since the 40D, they have all had 9-cross points, and yet it didn't make it into the 5D2, which came well after. Everything after the 40D also had higher FPS. So they've definitely offered less 5d's before, despite being a higher-level camera.

You are right though that I don't believe any Rebel has out-spec'd a 5d series, so in that sense you are right.

I personally expect the 6d (if there is such a camera coming) to be spec'd between the 60D and 7D, but I think that all bets are off sometimes with Canon's decision making.

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