D7000, flash and wedding tips needed ?? :0)

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Re: D7000, flash and wedding tips needed ?? :0)

I also have the D7k and SB700 and have done a handful of weddings with that combo. I perfer having the SB700 oncamera pointed up (assuming low to medium height ceilings) with a paddle diffuser or the bound card up. Then i've got one or more lights off camera providing catch lights and additional "ambient" light...

I'd highly suggest radio triggers. All the weddings i've done with out them (only used light triggering), were a mess since every one and their mother is taking pictures and their flashes are triggering my flash...

I really like the Yongnuo RF603's because they're super cheap. They dont have TTL pass through which in my opinion is the only down side (that also means no AF assist.)

A slightly more expensive option is the Photix Stratto Multi triggers... They have groups, channels, and TTL passthrough... I just got them, so next wedding i do i'll be able to say whether or not they're worth the extra price...

If i'm in a dungeon of a reception hall with no windows and the lights off, i setup two or more lights up off camera, my iso is usually around 800, at f/2.8. I assume no ambient and setup the off camera lights first, typically at half power (i like the cheap Yonguno 460ii's) then i just addjust the SB700 on camera to provide fill...

I dont mess with modifiers in the reception since everything moves so fast. I think you'd be constantly moving them around and adjusting and would end up missing shots... Unless you have an assistant...

Hope this helps...

jagge wrote:


I do have some experience with my own Nikon DSLR and taking pictures in general. BUT i am not superfamiliar with use of a SB700 flash with a D7000 for wedding pictures.

Now I am only a friend of the family and not the official photographer BUT they have asked me and I want to do a good job :0)

Now i want to use the flash off the camera with a difuser or umbrella handheld a lot I think. Also I like to use a "better bounce card" for indirect lighting.

I think Nikon does a fantastic job with the speedlight when i green mode, BUT i find it difficult to setup the same result in say A mode.

I like when flash and surrounding light mixes and the flash is handheld and a bit indirect. Can someone point me to info for the best result with flash, how to setup cam, good choise of setting and strategy ??

Best wishes


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