"A couple of afternoon in Amsterdam" M9+Various Lenses

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"A couple of afternoon in Amsterdam" M9+Various Lenses

Hi to All,

I am just coming back of 2 days and 3 Nights from Amsterdam !

It was my first time there...Probably not the best period of the year to Go here...( Too much of Tourist ) as me as well....But I have foud a really good deal to go there with an Hotel not so far to the City, and it cost me only 290 euros for theses 3 nights ( The discount was of 70 percent ) on a five stars...BTW, I am stayed in the Hotel only for sleeping and to take a few " shauwers "...

It was my first Trip alone like this...And it was for me like a very good experience !!!

Alone, like this, in a City that i don't know...With out map and with my brave legs, I have walked during 6 hours by afternoon ( The morning, I sleeped...The nights were short and furious LOL )...So, as i did not want to comeback with pictures where there will have too many people on them....I have walked, walked, walked and walked again to found a scene and some ambiance wich represent enough weel the mood of this Fabulous City from my Person of course....

It is a city not very large, but with a true charm...And with a lot of very Kind person !!!

So, here We are...My progression on this very and "sometime" Beautifull Amsterdam...
Many thanks for Looking !!!
As always, May You clic on the original file for a better visual impression....

A lot of pictures for one post only ( But I hope that the mood and the atmosphere of the City of our Friend Bart is vell represented ) A little part of course

One of my first shoot....

And finaly...My fav !!!

I 'll return here for sure...And now that I know better this City...I 'll try to make more artistic the next time....
BTW, hope that Bart will enjoy a little bit of this set....
A last one for the road ( in the Red lights )

Bye my friends...And my very Best wishes to You


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