Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

Started Aug 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: More Thoughts

Doug, thanks for the feedback,

I have considered the project mostly from a technical viewpoint, so it's really good to get feedback from photographers.

I agree with you that at ~$150, LR is inexpensive. I don't have a feel for photographers' opinions on the relative 'value' of this figure, but I would point to the success of PTLens as an indicator that a certain segment of the market (possibly exclusively non-Adobe users) finds a less expensive option more to their likes. I guess a question that I should be asking is who the typical PTLens user would be?

I agree that the market at the high end would be small. However, demonstrating superiority would be easily done with simple objective image metrics (pixels of residual distortion or residual CA remaining after correction).

Creating a profile would likely consists of capturing images of a printed target ( 25 images for a zoom lens), with lens settings varied between each shot. The remainder of the profile generation would be performed by the software. The Adobe profile creation process seems overly complicated to me (in terms of camera placment, target framing, and number of images required).

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