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Re: denooyer, LV works , DSTE battery gives %?

Hawaii-geek wrote:

denooyer wrote:

I ordered one of these EN-EL18a batteries as well. It just arrived and first thing I tested was Liveview...
I have an original Nikon MB-D12 by the way.


Since you also have a D12 you know you are going to have to give us your reviews of the Differances between the DSTE and the original Grip?

I am waiting for mine, but I am "still" a little curious of the compair.

No problems here whatsoever. Took out the EN-EL15 in the camera, put the grip back on (with EN-EL18a) and Liveview works just fine. It also works with the grip and a fully loaded EN-EL15 in the camera as well as an empty EN-EL15.

So, I guess email from DSTE manf. "was" correct. LV works.
Just a few might not work.

The only minor downside to this battery is that it doesn't show percentage of battery (it shows a battery symbol with 2 compartment-indicator) and the number of shots you took on the charge. But personally I don't care much, I always keep a charged Nikon EL-EL15 in the body because I need the reliability.

Ok, this is where I am a little confused, when also reading your below statment and looking at the picture on the DSTE ebay site.

Apparently the DSTE grip does give battery percentage with it's EN-EL18a, so you would actually be better and cheaper off buying the DSTE grip with 2 batteries.
Check out the picture of the battery information menu here:


Sorry just a little confused. IF, I plan to keep a Nikon D800 battery in the camera. and have a DSTE 3900mAh battery in the GRIP ... with "that" combo , the D800 will feedback the DSTE 3900mAh battery % use ???
Which would be great?

So, which battery combinations, does it "not" show the % use?

Thank you, denooyer ... you are adding to the information.

I did not order the DSTE grip... only an EN-EL18A battery. So I can't compare the DSTE grip with the original MB-D12. Sorry if that was confusing...

Appertly the DSTE grip with EN-EL18A shows battery percentage (looking at that Ebay picture) but my original MB-D12 with the EN-EL18A does NOT show battery percentage but only a battery symbol which indicates full, almost empty, and empty.

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