3 Years with the 7D, C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated

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Re: 3 Years with the 7D, C&C are welcomed and highly appreciated

blogan wrote:

What you wrote pretty much echos my sentiments. I'm a musician and find myself in the same situations musically. Especially with all of the technology with regard to editing in the recording studio. You can pretty much make things perfect. Even singers who sing out of tune can be instantly tuned to pitch. And I walk away thinking, "Well that person shouldn't be allowed to dot that." Which I know is probably wrong.

I do agree with you on the above, tuning his voice to the pitch to me is like photographing with iPhone Instagram were untalented people pretend to be a great photographers, Facebook is full of them. but if you teach that singer how he can tune his voice through training and workshops to the level that you don't have to do it anymore with computer, then this is progress and thats why there is schools and places for that.

I do believe that every one has the talent, it is the curiosity and passion to master things which discover that talent, and enhancing it by learning, I know several people including me wife who learned drawings through the famous "drawing on the right side of the brain, Betty Edwards", and it worked.

What I'm learning from this site and all of the experienced guys here is that most of you are seeing things that I may see but I'm not aware of what it is that I am seeing. And reading the posts here and reading about photography in general is making me aware of what it is that I am seeing. The same way studying music and the great composers and players and engineers (a prime example of great engineers is George Martin and the Beatles, he had none of the current technology to work with at that time) can help with your understanding of music henceforth increasing your abilities based on your knowledge.

I do believe that the most important aspect people shall work on is COMPOSITION, Post processing will come eventually, and remember that PP will not enhance a bad composition, while sometimes a straight out of the camera jpg could be the best photo out there just because of great composition, in photography schools they do not focus on the camera buttons as the technology is changing, the basics and relation between ISO, Aperture and shutter speed will remain the same for example, and they focus on composition and lighting.

I have like a separate library at home for photography, and I did not finish it all yet, however there are two unique books that I highly recommend for you regarding seeing things differently, the first is "Perception and Imaging, by Richard D. Zakia" and the second is the "The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman" both are great books and helped me a lot in understanding the psychology of imaging and composition.



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