Are you willing to let film die off? How do you really feel?

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Re: Put film out of it's misery

sjgcit wrote:

Because the sooner film goes the sooner I can stop seeing drivel from people who romanticize film and see all sorts of magical qualities to it that just are not there.

It's dead. Digital works. It's easier, it's cleaner, it's faster, it's cheaper ( when you add those developing costs ) and it provides features that a film camera could not do.

Only the other day one of my older relatives was expressing how great it was that she could view all the photos of her extended family so easily on a simple digital photo frame. She could never do the same thing with film. People use their phones to take nice shots they'd never manage with film. They can send them to other people easily, they can share easily.

Film is nothing but a dead technology, and I'm a technical person. Sure, past technologies are interesting to me, but not for practical use. All things have a time. Film is dead, let it die. Embrace the future.

You have a very simple mind. Hardly a technical person.

Today I bought 2 boxes of Fujifilm Reala and 2 boxes of Kodak Porta, both in 120 film size. I LOVE it. You can take your hate and stuff it.

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