Canon S100: GPS behaviour

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Samuel Dilworth
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Canon S100: GPS behaviour

Jim Bridger once declared, "I can't ever remember being lost, but I do recall being considerably confused for a few days." Like the great frontiersman – but far more frequently – I sometimes find myself considerably confused about my whereabouts. A consequence of this is not knowing where I took a good photo, or where I took a bad photo that could be improved by returning to the spot.

I use a Dawntech M3L-S3 GPS receiver with a Nikon SLR, but my compact camera (Panasonic LX3) has no geotagging option. I'm intrigued by the pocketable, GPS-equipped Canon S100.

Nice things about the Dawntech M3L-S3 include:

  • it runs off the camera's internal battery, so no charging fuss

  • it embeds the coordinates in the raw file, so no syncing fuss

  • it uses the brilliant SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, which is about a million times faster at acquisition than my Garmin in-car receiver, and can often hang onto a signal even inside a building

  • if it can't find a signal, it can optionally provide the camera with coordinates from the last fix, e.g. the front entrance of the cathedral.


1. How quickly does the GPS chip in the S100 acquire a fix?
2. Can it be left on continuously?
3. Is it any good in urban canyons or indoors?
4. If it can't find a signal, does it report the last known fix?
5. Does using it greatly affect the camera's already marginal battery life?
6. Are the coordinates directly embedded in the raw files?

Ta very much.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3
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