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Re: Shadow & Highlight Recovery C1 Pro 5 vs. LR 4.1

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

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My opinion is that C1 shows MUCH more shadow detail Bob... look at the deepest shadows inside the car, on the mirror and in the darkest parts of the leaves... there maybe 2 stops of more deep LL info (that's huge).... I also think that you won't loose anything in LL info if you apply more contrast on the C1 image, but again I will insist that trying to find a comparison point (like the grays you mention) is wrong. My opinion is that true comparisons can only be if you develop a scene for the best you can without you having in mind that you do it for the purpose of comparison... Then you can compare the prints... That is what a photographer does isn't it? Develop for the best he can achieve....

In addition to the above, LR is "cooler" than it should (has a TV sense of imaging) and your C1 image needs some "hue" correction (it's a bit towards the magenta side), but obviously the scene is warmer than LRs opinion... Please try my remarks and repost the image... I think it may help the conversation.


Hi Theodoros,

Thank you for the insightful suggestions. I did this comparison as a quick test as I mentioned; I did not care about the colors, hues, etc. Because after using the LR for two years I am more satisfied with the C1 after receiving the D800E; tested the CNX2 too. Could be a matter of taste but I never liked the overly analytic results some developers end up with. The C1 is "less analytic" to my eyes.. (But that's my personal view, I am a film user-Leica mainly; 10 years long I have been dealing with digital, still trying to love it..)

What I noted, as if the LR seems to be superior in the RANGE of shadow recovery, I think, well into "over 3-stops" territory. If I were a sports photographer then I would go with the LR (but then, I wouldn't be using a D800E ) Just one week has proven to me that the C1 is rather to work on more carefully, well planned, well executed shots demanding less play to correct the parameters set (or shortcomings caused) by the camera but providing more room to "refine" and "better" what was defined by the sensor. For the well exposed shots I am pleased with the C1 more than the LR.. However I will keep them both: The former one functions like a piano-tuner whereas the other one works as a "rescuer" sometimes to work wonders for hopeless shots.

This week I will shoot some sceneries of Istanbul both with the D800E and the Nex-5N. A more precise report would be possible afterwards.

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