D4 Reikan Focal Results - Apature aperture test. Can anyone compare

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Re: Yes but

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

There are considerable doubts as to whether or not Focal Pro can be reliable.

"AF Fine Adjustment" test is very reliable if the lighting is right. I test on my D800 and 24-70 for 7 times with difference distant and target size. The results are all within 2 units and the curve fit extremely well. But the focus quality numbers can only be use to compare within a single test. Magnification on the target affect the numbers a great deal. On my test, the numbers range between 1700 to 2800 on different setup.

Multi Focus points test is not that reliable. I can create my own result by lighting the target up differently. i.e. if I light the target one side brighter then the other side. I can create the left side focus problem or right side focus problem. A more reliable test is judge between manual live view focus and manual VF focus by the green dot.

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