Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

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Re: Lens Aberration - Importance and Removal?

Doug, steephil, Peter, hotdog321, thanks for the replies.

I've checked into (most) of the existing software. Adobe offer correction of (lateral) CA, vignetting and lens distortion. However, as with PTLens, it relies on a lens profile existing for each particular lens. Many of the lens profiles accessible through PS and LR have been generated by Adobe users (not by Adobe), and then uploaded onto the Adobe server. The drawback here is that for uncommon and new lenses there may not be profiles available, and that the quality of the user generated profiles available for download is not guaranteed. Both drawbacks can be overcome by the user generating his/her own profile (to their desired level of accuracy). Have you calibrated any of your lenses yourself Doug? I found it an onerous process, but I am curious as to the appetite for such user lens calibration. I have the impression from talking to photographers that most photographers have only a handful of lenses, so having to calibrate each lens (

steephill, I am aware of a trend towards in camera correction of certain aberrations, but it is my understanding that all these in-camera corrections are applied to jpeg images only. RAW images are not corrected in camera (I could be wrong here...).

The gaps I see are at the top and bottom of the market (above and below Adobe). At the bottom end, Adobe and DxO are expensive. PTlens partly fills this gap, but it can only perform lens distortion automatically (AFAIK) - CA and vignetting correction are performed with sliders.

At the top end, Adobe's corrections aren't perfect (although possibly good enough?). DxO's are possibly better, but there is the reliance on DxO to provide the profile for every lens as it comes to market.

I would envisage standalone software that batch processes RAW images in order to automatically remove lens aberrations, but that also enables users to perform their own lens calibrations.

I am also interested in axial chromatic aberration correction and purple fringing correction. Adobe have recently announced a tool for purple fringing reduction, although it is not entirely automatic (as I understand it). As far as I am aware no other software can perform axial chromatic correction or purple fringing correction.

Any more thoughts?

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