RX100 ISO 1600/3200/6400 comparison pics... this camera is NUTS!

Started Aug 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP leafinsectman Contributing Member • Posts: 763
Incredible indeed :)

harry cannoli wrote:

My guess is that the camera is stacking images to reduce noise, and unlike earlier Sonys, this one is getting it right.

Yeah I think it's doing something to the images. I just took a few more shots and this time I included one using the Multi Frame NR feature. That one definitely stacks several images (you hear the camera take several shots) but the others may just be single shots since the camera doesn't stop and give me the 'processing' message like when I shoot with Multi Frame NR (or even handheld twilight). But I think it's still doing something.

Having all of this in your pocket was a pipe dream just a few short years ago.

High ISO performance of this camera is nothing short of incredible. Sony deserves credit for getting it right. I am very, very impressed.


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