RX100 ISO 1600/3200/6400 comparison pics... this camera is NUTS!

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Re: RX100 ISO 1600/3200/6400 comparison pics... this camera is NUTS!

gulffish wrote:

How does it look at full size?

The Skipper wrote:

If you have time, I would appreciate sample shots of your E-P1 at the same ISOs.

Okay here we go. Except for resizing the full pics to 1920px width, they're straight out of the camera JPEGs. Sharpness setting in the camera is +2 and high ISO NR is set to low. Anyone who doesn't think these were shot in the dark, please take a look at the metadata.

I also shot the ISO6400 using the Multi Frame NR function. There's still noise but it looks a lot more pleasing (at least, for me).

Below are the 100% crops for those who are interested. Not the best but I'm very happy with the amount of detail that the sensor is capturing. Plus I always do sharpness/NR adjustments in Lightroom and they look a lot better after that's been done. Feel free to download the images and play with them with your preferred noise reduction tool.

And keep in mind that they're cramming 20 megapixels in that sensor. I can't wait to see what the RAW files are like.

For the sake of comparison, below are the shots I took with the E-P2, also straight out of the camera JPEGs then resized to 1920px width. Not as nice to look at when zoomed in (although the RX100 probably does some in camera NR and the E-P2 may not) and they don't clean up as well in Lightroom.

Let me put it this way, and this is just my opinion so feel free to disagree, but I'm slightly more comfortable shooting with ISO6400 on the RX100 than ISO1600 on the E-P2. They're different cameras though and I love being able to use fast primes (which would make shooting at lower ISOs possible) so I'm in no way replacing it. Plus I'm sure newer Micro Four Thirds cameras have improved sensors now so it may be a much different result if I had an E-M5 with me. But I think what they've done with the RX100 is an incredible achievement. I sure hope other companies are taking notice and are working on improving their sensor tech.

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