In real life, how much better is E-M5 (vs. 1st gen)?

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Re: i have the e-p1 like you.. but i also have a new gen dSLR

photobeans wrote:

believe it or not, your e-p1 at ISO 600 and below is just about as good as any modern entry level dslr. I know this because I shoot with a D5100 and it has an awesome APS-C sensor. Above ISO 640 is where the camera fails badly to compete. So, if you need to shoot higher ISOs, upgrade to the OM-D.

See I am used to adjusting my technique to limit most of my shots to ISO 800. The question is, with a better high ISO, would I be able to do things I couldn't do before? What was your experience?

Also, the flip out screen and electronic viewfinder are very helpful.

I really keep the Panny G1 for its viewfinder and flash. If I get the E-M5, my G1 would be half way to eBay I guess!

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