In real life, how much better is E-M5 (vs. 1st gen)?

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Re: In real life, how much better is E-M5 (vs. 1st gen)?

apekkpul wrote:

I had also EP1 and I loved it. I exchanged it to EM5.

How do you compare the feel of the two cameras?

With EP1 I only shot JPEGs but since there has been so much talk about EM5's dynamic range and RAWs, I have started to shoot RAW+JPEGs. I have had my photo library in Picasa and I still use it to 'develop' EM5 RAWs. At some point I will probably start using LightRoom to get more out of RAWs.

In a good light I don't notice so much difference between EP1 and EM5. In a bright light there might be some highlight clipping in JPEGs, and adjusting RAWs provides more pleasant outcome. But there is a huge difference when light is not so good. ISO 5000 is pretty good and I have got some decent images even at ISO 25600! Also, I don't have steady hands so IBIS is just right for me, especially when I shoot video.

In my E-P1, I'm quite comfortable up to ISO 400, and will use ISO 800 with no reservation. But Will only go up to 1600 if I can't get the shot another way. Very rarely will I go above 1600, as I know the picture will be noisy.

So, here's a question: How do you compare the ISO 5000 of the E-M5 with E-P1? Is it like E-P1's ISO 800 or ISO 1000?

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