RX100 ISO 1600/3200/6400 comparison pics... this camera is NUTS!

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Re: Flawed test!

The Skipper wrote:

That was my first thought as well, but look at the shutter speeds & apertures he was using. He was shooting under what I consider to be truly dark conditions (the kind of dark conditions that I would encounter in a bar or a night club performance).

Are you saying that are no shadows or dark objects in those photos, because I do see some.

To be fair, everyone's got different tastes. Whats awesome for someone could be crap for someone else. All I'm saying is that I'm happy with results. And after I shot these, I took some pics in even darker conditions. Compared to my previous go everywhere camera, the E-P2, I'm more than impressed.

There's also a bunch of other people posting high ISO RX100 pics here so he can check those out. If he's really not happy with them then it's cool. To each his/her own

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