RX100 ISO 1600/3200/6400 comparison pics... this camera is NUTS!

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Re: RX100 ISO 1600/3200/6400 comparison pics... this camera is NUTS!

The Skipper wrote:

Thank you for these comparison shots. What did you end up setting for your top ISO?

If you have time, I would appreciate sample shots of your E-P1 at the same ISOs.

I'm sticking with ISO 1600 as the upper limit of the auto ISO but I wouldn't be afraid of bumping it up to ISO 6400 if I have to. Nice to know that the camera won't have a heart attack if I go over ISO 3200.

I took an ISO 6400 shot with the E-P2 after I took the RX100 shots and it was horrific. Chroma noise was crazy and very little detail retained. I might try to do another test using similar ISOs when I get home but for the most part, I don't push the E-P2 past ISO 1600.

That said, I still prefer to use the E-P2 for shooting below ISO 1600, mainly because I love shooting with primes (and I have the EVF for it) but the RX100 is more than worthy of being my every day go everywhere camera.

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