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peevee1 wrote:


I guess a tiny sensor is still a tiny sensor, and superzoom is still a superzoom.

Yep a tiny sensor is still a tiny sensor and always will be, because as sensor technology improves for one sensor it improves for all sensors eventually including larger sensor cameras, but I'm not going to worry over these. Saw a lot of the sort of thing with early FZ150 samples and it has turned out to be a remarkable camera.

Post production images with quick shots by a photographer who has very limited time with the camera. JPEGs probably at default settings (which I personally would never use). Color correction is not right on due to widely varied scenes with different lighting and shade levels. I don't see so much real noise as over sharpening (typical on Panny point and shoots), artifacts and Panasonic's trademark aggressive default noise reduction (and more artifacts) then we have images that are further processed to reduce size from 12 to 5 megapixels which likely adds further JPEG compression artifacts and their related "illusions".

I find these more interesting then worrisome. They show promise, but obviously we need to be seeing full rez images that are shot by good photographers who aren't rushed during a demo day. JPEGs that have had the in camera settings tweaked for a discriminating eye rather then quick tourist snap shots and eventually some nice post processed RAW images (where the FZ150 really shines).

Nothing to worry about here as it is consistent with most early post-production images from a lot of cameras. I've seen worse stuff from DSLRs at times but don't construe that to mean I think it will equal DSLRs, it won't. But I see potential for the FZ200 to hold the IQ crown for small sensor superzooms while providing several significant photographic improvements that serious photographers can love and maybe even taking the state of the art for small sensors another small step forward. Only time will tell. Will hang on to my very enjoyable FZ150 and maybe if finances allow get an FZ200 as primary and keep FZ150 as backup. Am selling a couple of pocket cameras and a laptop (Nikon 9100 just sold) and the combination should cover all the cost and leave me some gas and fun money to get out with the cameras.

But for now, the jury is out, but I do see lots of potential. Not going to fret over any of the samples I have seen so far. I shoot my FZ150 with customized JPEG settings plus RAW and manage some very good images along the way, never afraid or too lazy to do a little post processing to get the most out of an image. A little more speed and a constant F2.8 would just take things to a more enjoyable level.

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