Best m43 world traveller kit?

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Re: Best m43 world traveller kit?

JMaldonado01 wrote:

Great kit, expensive lenses though, and I wish I had those.

It was expensive for me too, but at least the 14-150 has completely paid for itself in the 3 years since I've had it. About 75% of all my travel shots in the past 3 years use that lens. Think of it as an investment and it won't be expensive anymore.

I use flash mainly for fill light on daytime when taking pictures of my family on brighter backgrounds, at night or in dark places I use it on second curtain and drag the shutter to complement ambiance light with fill, on my last trip it was really useful.

Ahh, that explains it. I usually travel alone, which is why I don't need the flash.

Speaking of fill flash, perhaps the flash on your GH2 could be helpful here. Well, I do have a Panasonic G1, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to manually set the flash exposure compensation. Perhaps your GH2 is better in this regard.

(Setting the flash exposure compensation is much more straightforward in the E-P1, at least to me, it's right there in the super control panel.)

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