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Re: classic lenses

I have tried the 24 f2 ais on my D700 and it's a great lens. There are a few second-hand lens shops in Tokyo where you can try out all the old ai and ais lenses before buying them.

I also did a bit of soul searching before picking up the 35mm F1.4 ais which is also an odd lens, it has a bad rep in a lot of forums and "reviewers" pick on it a bit and say it's past its time. I knew about its weaknesses beforehand, and got it anyway. I love this lens, it has a funny "personality" in that if the lighting conditions are not exactly to it's liking, it will produce a load of CA, but for indoor portraits and food photography, it's my favorite. Once I got the hang of it, I got better at spotting the types of street lights it doesn't play nicely with and avoided those areas. The 24mm F2 ais will put you through the same rounds I think, it will take some experimentation but that's a really solid and very unique lens. If I run into another good copy of it I may also pick one up for myself.

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