a very good NX200 review based on real world experience

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Re: a very good NX200 review based on real world experience

Hi! My name is James. I've been lurking here and some other message boards for a couple months looking for info on ILC cameras. I have a Canon 5d II but wanted something smaller and easier to carry around. I looked at many cameras and finally decided on this one the nx200.

It arrived a couple weeks ago and I've been using it alot. So far this review has been pretty much my same thoughts. I use raw and convert in Lightroom 4 and don't use jpegs, so I disagree with that I suppose. Yes jpegs are faster but I really like Lightroom.

What is crazy to me is that there is not a difference in image quality between the nx200 and the 5d II when set to iso 400 or smaller. I mean you might be able to tell a small difference if you looked very intently but real world there is no difference. Above 400 the 5d II increasing has less noise and better dynamic range over the nx200 but its not a big difference until iso 3200. I mention this to give a guide at what some one might expect. Also I paid alot less for the nx200 with 3 good lenses then I did for the 5d II with no lenses.

So I agree that the nx200 is a great day time ILC camera. I think its a good bargain.

A different note I found this article on his blog that I thought was good. http://roeschphotography.blogspot.com/2012/07/photographic-vision-what-it-is-and-how.html His pictures wont wow you but they are still good pictures. More important is what he says, its a little disjointed maybe but the message is very good. I wish I had read something like that years ago.
Thank you for reading my first post I hope this helps someone.
James Thompson

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