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A pentaxian wrote:


I am new to Canon DSLR and its lens system; I am changing my gears from Pentax to canon system. I will buy 7D soon;... I will switchover to full frame body later ..... the problem is I am not able to fix up which lens to buy ? .... EF-S series lens or EF full frame lens ? ....

..... as you understand that I wish to invest money for lenses, for 7D now, which I can use it later on full frame body ..... Is there any such option in Canon system ? ..... like in Nikon system, DX format lens can be used on FX format body in crop mode....

Please help ....
a pentaxian

I would highly recommend buying EF-S lenses for your APS-C camera, regardless of whether you will be upgrading to FF in the future. If you buy your lenses used or refurbished, they almost never significantly depreciate. Even if you buy the lens, use if for a few months and then sell it when you upgrade to full-frame, you'll hardly lose any money at all.

Also, with EF-S lenses, you have so many great lenses to choose from. There's the fantastic 17-55 f/2.8 IS and the 15-85 IS that are both as good or better than any L zoom lens you stick on your APS-C camera. They are designed for the very high pixel density sensors common on APS-C cameras. You'll also find the focal ranges much more useful than if you pick up a 24-XX L lens. My recommendation is to use EF-S wide zooms and standard zooms. Everything else (primes and telephotos) can be EF-mount. This is based on my experience owning a t2i and then 5d Mark II.

Anyway, why are you leaving Pentax? Pentax has some great DSLRs like the K-5.

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