Show us your Macros!

Started Aug 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
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That Zeiss 24 is sharp!

sean lancaster wrote:

Hmmm. The only lens that I have that comes close to macro is the Zeiss 24.

And, that's actually not even the shot . . . it's just a crop of this one:

I have some macro tools (e.g., extension tubes, I believe) that I have bookmarked, but I haven't gotten around to exploring yet. Shots in this topic make me want to speed up my research.

OK, not a macro although certainly shows how sharp that lens is. Thanks for sharing.

I was in pretty much the same situation as you - had a few things bookmarked.
Decided to just go ahead and give it a go with some cheap extension tubes.

There's another thread discussing the various bits of kit for macros which I probably should have read beforehand...oh well, it's all a learning process.

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