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Re: No Pro2 on the horizon...

Marco Nero wrote:

GeraldW wrote:

I agree. I looked hard at the G1X; but it just didn't fit. Too big to slip into a suit coat or tux pocket to take to a dinner or a party.... The original Pro 1 suited me much better for a travel camera.

An RX100 will actually fit inside the outlines of a Pro 1; so adding all the rest of the features is entirely possible.

Would you buy one? I sure would.

There's no Pro2 on the horizon. What Canon are building is a Pro-bodied EOS-M which (if you read the article) is exactly this.

The G1X is smaller than the Pro1. Apart from all the additional features, it also takes a much better photograph and possesses more advanced features. Canon have no interest in releasing a Pro2 with the G1X out there now as it essentially does the same thing - and with the 250D closeup lens it has a superior macro to the Pro1's 'Super Macro' and still takes all the EOS accessories. Some G1X users even affectionately refer to the G1X as a "Pro2" The zoom on the G1X is more than adequate. Any additional zoom would not be possible without other sacrifices due to the sensor size and placement necessities. Every picture from the Pro1 that was taken at 200mm had to be very well lit because without OIS they were blurred.

Marco, I think you're not replying to my conjecture. It seems more a defense of the G1X. I'm not saying this camera is coming, only pointing out what's feasible, based on a 1" sesnor similar to the one used in the RX100. You obviously can't get there with an APS-C or 1.5" sensor.

I have taken a LOT of pictures with the Pro 1. The lens is fairly fast at f/3.5, so the light doesn't need to be that strong to get 1/200. Further, I really don't care what focal length you consider long enough or "more than adequate". For my purposes, I want 200 mm. since it's my dream, please don't wake me up.

I have handled the G1X. It's nice enough; but it really is a load even for a jacket pocket. Even my G11 is more weight than I like in a jacket pocket as it pulls down one side.

As far as macro goes, I mostly used my Pro 1 with a Canon 500D close up lens. That combination gives outstanding macro.

This latest rumor was from an untrusted (new) source and even the website suggested that the comment be take with a grain of salt.

I'm sure that's true. Make that a very large grain of salt. Just the suggestion of using an APS-C sensor for a remake of the Pro 1 makes no sense from a feasibility standpoint when you consider the G1X uses a smaller sensor.

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