d7000 & kit lens vs d5100 and tamron lens

Started Aug 14, 2012 | Discussions thread
gregf2as Regular Member • Posts: 248
Re: d7000 & kit lens vs d5100 and tamron lens

hi iggy well think you should go for the nikon d7000 and 18 mm to 105 mm lens

that 's the way i think to go 18mm -105mm lens pretty good and longer focal length

than tamron lens 17 mm to 50 mm lens and d 7000 is a great camera too yes

some had focusing problems when made but were warrantied and repaired the 5100

has i think a rotating screen don't like that to much to go wrong there with twisting

7000 has better feel and grip when you hold it . plus you will be building up your system with other nikon lenses new or used , i have d7000 , and 18 mm to 105mm

lens , 18 mm to 70mm these are good walking around lenses and a tokina 12mm to 24mm wide lens, all great for landscape photography and enlarge my pix to to
20 x 30 in print and come out great

good luck in your choice hope i helped gjr

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