E-PL1 User, Image Quality vs E-PM1 If You Tweak E-PM1 Defaults

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No IBIS Or Lens Wobble Issues with my E-PL1

I hope I didn't start anything here. Some of you have said you had focusing problems or possibly IBIS problems with your E-PL1. Then there is the "lens wobble" deal.

I do NOT have those problems, I've never noticed any IBIS issues and the "lens wobble" (typically encountered around 1/100 second) was with the original 14-42, which I almost immediately replaced with the 14-42mm II MSC. (It focuses faster & is just a better lens all-around anyway.) I wasn't necessarily having such problems with my original 14-42 then, but I replaced it because of the extensive documentation of that problem, that way I would know I wouldn't encounter it.

The issue seems to be only when I take photographs of kids & I select an AF sensor near their face, the E-PL1 seems to, on occasion (NOT every-time), mistakenly focus on the background if even a tiny smidgen of the AF "square" touches any of the background at all (not hard to do as the "squares" are pretty large). A post I read somewhere (wish I had saved it) suggested that since the writer had changed to an E-PM1 (with its 35 AF squares) the problem disappeared. BUT, most people seem to say the E-PL1 has the best image quality of any of the PENs, but I've read no clarification that says that's a "set in concrete" thing or something easily remedied by changing the NR settings of the E-PM1.

Thus, I was of the persuasion of either (a) going with the E-PM1 figuring that if it focused more accurately in those situations it would more than make up for any slight difference in image quality (which maybe would be mitigated by tweaking the NR settings anyway) or (b) just being more observant of the camera's behavior in those situations, as I didn't have any problems with this setup on my recent trip while doing landscape shots (and it doesn't ALWAYS do it in the kids shots either).

I read the owner's manual more to learn about the "S-AF + M" mode or whatever (the one where you can override manual-focus "on the fly" after initial focus acquisition) & practiced doing focus magnification, both as a means to help make sure the camera is focusing as I ask. When I tried that yesterday with a casual snapshot of my 5 year old girl, it was fine.

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