Your input needed on designing a RX100 mechanical shutter remote

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Your input needed on designing a RX100 mechanical shutter remote

I like to do long exposure shooting (with ND filters which should have some workable mounting solutions coming to market soon) and also stitched pano's. RX100 should prove to be a fantastic camera for this due to its 20meg resolution, pretty good quality lens, and large (for a compact) sensor. Basically I don't think there is a better tool for making serious images that is quite this small and easy to hike with.

One big drawback though to the camera is that there is no means for an IR or usb corded remote release.

Given the camera has a BULB mode setting makes this even more frustrating, especially since unlike many compacts, the max shutter time is other only 30 seconds rather than 60 seconds.

Had Sony made a TIME mode instead this wouldn't be much of an issue, but given they haven't changed the limited bracketing since I've had my original NEX5, I don't think we can count on much

Really only solution for being able to take long exposures, or basically any tripod shooting (other than using 2 second timer which works in some modes) is an old threaded shutter release.

I've got several from my Fuji X100 and they have the lock where you depress the plunger and it holds the shutter down as long as you want. Should be just the ticket for long exposures

Only the RX100 doesn't have a threaded release of course so a big of a work around is in order.

What I'm thinking is building a little frame that goes around the camera body with a little threaded nut on it. The threaded release cable screws into this and depresses the shutter button.

Basically a pretty simple design as I don't have a CNC machine or anything to get too fancy.

Can't really do any sort of arm over the front of the camera because it would block the zoom toggle, and same goes for the back, don't want to block any LCD or control pad.

Also as I want to add Richards grip, I'm rather limited in that regard as well.

Something like an L plate with 2 risers on it on either side of the camera and a thin top bar with the nut on is about the best I can come up with

I'd welcome any thoughts on the matter though, ideas I didn't think of etc

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Sony Alpha NEX-5 Sony RX100
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