S-95 Underwater w/ WP-DC38 housing

Started Jun 20, 2011 | Discussions thread
Scot Kight Regular Member • Posts: 134
Re: S-95 Underwater w/ WP-DC38 housing

Nice first shots!

You will find that, when it comes to underwater shots, the suggestion is to get closer and add light. The s90 (which I have) can come up with near astounding photos, so I am sure you can do the same once you go deeper.

What ISO did you end up with on most of these?

If you are going to use this while on air though, get a strobe. Underwater things get difficult with different lighting conditions and you need to maximize it to your desires. I used a ys-110 but any of the general UW strobes will get you started.

I also highly recommend a wide lens so you can get REAL close and limit backscatter. There are a few you can get that just kind of strap onto the front of the canon case. Not exactly as reliable as a screwdown or bayonet, but hey you are saving 700-800 dollars!

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