Show us your Macros!

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Re: Show us your Macros!

Letsgokoulos wrote:

Nice sets everyone !

To the OP : you are loosing light with extension tubes (sometimes up to 1 stop or even more), hence the dark screen...

Good quality achromat close-up lenses (Raynox, Marumi, Canon, etc...) or dedicated macro lenses do not bear this inconvenience.

Here is a trick: you can get some light for focusing with a 30€ LED ring light on eBay, although it will not replace a flash for taking pictures.

Thanks for the advice and shots, Marc. This explains a lot! Might have to pick up a Raynox since I've seen it being recommended a few times...

Btw - that Cocoon looks scary (reminds me of the movie Alien).

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