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Re: No, but...

Art_P wrote:

they might well be interested in producing a new model if most of the development is already done and if they can sell it for more than it costs to manufacture.

what came to mind is the HP-15c (hp calculator, discontinued a long time ago BUT brought back for a short re-manuf run).

I got one of the new chinese-made hp15's and its ok. not built to the old standards but has some new goodies (faster running, mostly).

they leveraged most of the old tech and just used current materials (yuck, though) and a half-assed porting job from the old code base to the new cpu type.

it was a limited run and they sold all they made.

someone had the idea to bring back an oldie but goodie and they did.

oly COULD do that, if they wanted to. I honestly doubt it would cost that much compared to how much they waste on other frivilous things (so many 'me too' LSDs( ) that they could easily do without).

use the same basics that the e5 has but just update it. incrementally.

really not that hard. or expensive.

but they clearly do NOT want to. its just that simple.

( )Little Silver Digicam, lol

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