photo published without credit

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photo published without credit


In this months issue of US Airways magazine, a photo of mine was published without giving me credit.

I happened to be at an event with my camera and was approached by the owner of the business. She said their photographer didn't show and was wondering if I could provide her with some photos that I took that day.

It was supposed to be for some other magazine like Southern Living or something. They ran a story but didn't use any photos.

Fast forward a couple months and I get notified via email that they're doing piece on the business in US Airways Magazine and that my photo will be used with credit given to me.

This is 2 days before my wedding. So I get married, go on my honeymoon, come back and forget about it until just the other day. I look up the magazine online and notice I am not given credit for the photo.

That is all I asked for when providing the photos for free was a credit.

I contacted someone Pace Communications who publishes US Airways Magazine. They're going to change the online version of their magazine and provide me with a "print-out of the two spreads on 11 by 17 (each spead)".

To me, the damage is done. I could really care less about them fixing an online PDF that nobody will look at. I thought it would be neat knowing my name was in every seat of every US Airways airplane, but that didn't happen.

What should be expected when this sort of thing happens? Should I be grateful that they're doing anything? Should I be expecting something more?


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