Its game over for small sensors

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i should add

the in camera charging is probably going to become the biggest bug-a-boo, or complaint about the rx-100. the external battery charger is faster at charging the battery vs the usb cable.

in another thread i scoffed at a poster moaning about the x-10.s battery life. while the rx-100 battery lasts about 330 shots. plugging the camera into a usb cable, then charging, disconnecting swap out the battery for a spare, then repeating the same process, seems rather laborious. it will get old and so will the camera.

while i do like the idea of in camera charging. i would rather have it in addition to a dedicated charger. the reason why, i know a lot of camera users that connect the camera to download their pics. so while downloading it also charges. in the case of the rx-100 you need to purchase the external charger.

another thing, by going to a larger sensor it should give way better results than smaller sensor cameras, but i remember the first sony dslrs, they carried the same sensors as nikon yet nikon gave better results.
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